We'll be living in Pawleys Island, South Carolina (20 mins south of Myrtle Beach, SC) in condo-style housing managed by the TideLife Vacation rentals. Each unit will house 5 students with 1 awesome group leader.


Monday - Wednesday 6pm - 9pm | Teaching session

We will bring in speakers from the within Grace Family of Churches and from around the country. Each speaking will bring a specific teaching that will add to the overall learning through the summer. 

SUNDAY All-Day | Family day/ Sabbath

This day is when we will intentionally rest and build community for the sake deepening of relationships.


Each student will have a weekly discipleship time with their group leader and their other roommates.


Each student will work 20-25 hours each week at a job that is provided for them. We have arranged employment for each student with a variety of employers, typically in service, hospitality, and customer relations (examples are Chick-fil-a, Starbucks Wet-n-wild waterpark, Tide Life vacation rentals). Students will work alongside other students.

Each employer has agreed to not schedule work for the SDP students on Mon, Tues, & Wed evenings and all-day Sunday to respect the schedule of SDP.